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Jeff Davis: “I love seeing students’ hidden talents come to light in the classroom.”







I love seeing students’ hidden talents come to light in the classroom. Students at The Academy are motivated and creative, and I try to create a classroom environment that challenges and inspires them.

I focus on concepts as well as procedures, and I try to make math relevant by incorporating real-world examples. I design a range of projects that review and reinforce the material that we cover in class. Using our math skills to address issues in fields as disparate as music, art, and ecology (climate change in particular!) empowers students to apply their strong fundamentals to meeting a wide range of challenges.Their interest in math as a discipline is enriched and rewarded by opportunities to explore.



Upper-school students receive a dynamic mathematics education that balances a solid foundation of basic skills with a constructed understanding of concepts. The curriculum includes the basic understanding of pre-algebra, algebra and geometry, logic and reasoning, construction, coordinate geometry, triangles: congruence and similarity, polygons, quadrilaterals, right triangles, and trigonometry, circles, solids, and transformations.

In addition to mastering these fundamentals of geometry, algebra, and trigonometry, students also broaden and deepen their understanding by participating in various long-term, experience-driven projects. The students broaden and deepen their understanding by deriving 3D formulas for areas of various polygons using 3D printers; by creating mathematical modeling to predict future arctic sea ice levels and modeling musical chords using sine waves.

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Why The Academy?

  • Exceptional teachers
  • Small class sizes
  • Challenging academics
  • Prepares students for success beyond 8th grade
  • Students share a love of learning
  • Vibrant and supportive community

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