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Mathematics is at the core of science, technology, and engineering, and The Academy upper-school mathematics program emphasizes these connections. Students have the opportunity to explore mathematics in the context of solving real-world challenges such as climate change, population growth, even the search for extraterrestrial life. Mathematics is the language not just of nature, but of technology and engineering. We teach mathematics as an essential part of understanding the universe, interfacing with technology, and creating a more sustainable future.



Our upper-school mathematics program begins with Pre-Algebra in 6th Grade, Algebra in 7th Grade, and Geometry in 8th Grade. The emphasis is on building a strong foundation in Algebra and Geometry that will allow students to continue accelerated work in high school and beyond.

We incorporate computer-based math skills that are complementary to manual math skills. In academia and engineering fields, the skillful interplay between pencil and paper and computer programing is increasingly important. Students in Grades 7 and 8 regularly use GeoGebra for algebra, geometry, and statistics, and are introduced to the professional-level Mathematica software for more advanced work. Students also take computer coding classes in JavaScript and HTML/CSS that highlight the math of coding.

Advanced mathematical concepts are also included in the curriculum; by the end of 8th grade, students have been introduced to complex numbers, infinite series, transfinite numbers, and conceptual calculus. Students have also explored the mathematics of computing and cryptography as applications of prime number theory, combinatorics, and modular and binary arithmetic. We believe our students benefit from experiencing the power and beauty of these important and fascinating areas of mathematics at an early age.



Dr. Baker was born and educated in the UK, holds BS and PhD engineering degrees from the University of Birmingham and a teaching certificate in Secondary Mathematics from St. Martin’s University in Washington. For many years, Dr. Baker worked in materials research and engineering R&D for corporations and high-tech startups in the UK, New York, and Silicon Valley, and most recently in Massachusetts on the development of next-generation fingerprint sensors for smartphones and smart cards. Dr. Baker taught Physics at Berkhamsted School near London, and spent three years teaching math and science in bilingual schools in the Lake Atitlán region of Guatemala (fifth grade through AP Calculus). Dr. Baker is passionate about STEM programs that incorporate computer-based mathematics, coding, robotics, electronics, engineering design, and hands-on learning in real-world applications of mathematics and science.

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