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Kristen Manson: “Children need to move their bodies every day to be happy and to learn.”










I teach in a way that makes exercise fun. I emphasize both general fitness and hand-eye coordination, and my goal is to engage students by keep each class lively and fresh. I achieve this by never staying on one activity for too long.

I never “sIt on the sidelines” while teaching. Rather, I actively participate in all of the games and activities I introduce. I have found this approach works to make the students more enthusiastic and engaged in the activity.

From time to time, we will slow down and work on hand-eye coordination drills, but my main goal is to give my students the highest amount of exercise possible each day.


Kristen has taught physical education to students in K-8 for the past nine years. Kristen also has extensive experience teaching and coaching sports including soccer, basketball, volleyball, and field hockey. Her passion is coaching and teaching the valuable lessons both fitness and sport can bring to the life of others. Kristen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from James Madison University and a Master’s degree in Physical Education from Central Michigan University.

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