Pamela Alexander: “Music allows a child’s mind to become more flexible, open and creative.”







My music program at The Academy has several main goals. First, teaching children to use their most natural voices through using their breath. My students learn to listen to each other and to sing on pitch.

I teach the basics of music theory, which will enable them to read music, including understanding rhythm, note values, intervals and key signatures. I also introduce them to the composers, who have shaped western music for the past hundreds of years. We explore this rich background of our heritage in western music. We sing songs of many cultures, different languages, folk songs and contemporary music celebrating aspects of modern culture and childhood. We have several performances throughout the year and learn to love being on stage and performing.

We also have been performing Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas and other musicals for the last 15 years. Students become confident in themselves and their talents.

Music is magic! With music, the brain becomes more flexible, open and creative. Music exercises and stretches a child’s mental capacity because in music, students have to make many simultaneous decisions on time, tempo, dynamics, rhythm, phrasing and feeling. Singing in a choir brings people together to work for a common goal: the creation of something beautiful. Most of all, we want to have fun and enjoy music and singing!


Pamela Alexander is an acclaimed lyric soprano, voice teacher and choral director. She received her Masters of Music from New England Conservatory of Music and later studied on the Petri Scholarship at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. She was a regional winner in the Metropolitan Opera auditions and was a participant in the Merola opera program with San Francisco Opera. Her career as a professional singer and voice teacher spans decades: a recitalist, soloist at many music festivals, and soloist with orchestras and choirs. Ms. Alexander also plays the Celtic harp and sings the ancient songs of Ireland (in Gaelic) and early French and Spanish repertoire. She has a voice studio at her home in the East Bay and has been a successful voice teacher at San Francisco Conservatory of Music for 17 years, helping students to enter major music schools and universities as well as teaching many adult students on the verge of entering a singing career, or just to realize their dream to sing well.

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