Third Grade



Kate Agoglia


Language Arts

I begin the third grade year reading myths, fairytales and legends. My students discuss the values of various communities and how the stories of their culture are reflected in their communal stories. They read historical fiction and biographies of various national figures. I integrate writing throughout the curriculum. This includes writing stories, science reports, biography reports and identifying the structure of the written work including the setting, plot, character analysis and goals of the author.


My students review concepts of place value at the beginning of the year setting the stage for the critical mastery of addition and subtraction with large and small numbers. They will also learn to identify when estimating or an exact answer is necessary by evaluation and analysis. Students will create arrays and area models to deeply understand multiplication and its relationship with division, in addition to fluency with their multiplication and division facts. Students will multiply with multi-digit numbers and apply various methods to solve problems. Students will build their understanding of fractions through models to develop a deep understanding of fraction equivalence and ordering. Decimal notation for fractions will also be introduced. My students will also be able to describe and classify two-dimensional shapes by properties of their lines and angles. Students solve problems involving measurement and use various types of graphs to represent data.  As a part of the curriculum throughout the year, students will explain their answers using models, written responses and reasoning to demonstrate a deep understanding of the concepts.

Social Studies

We study our local community’s past and present and its impact on our lives today. In addition, third graders learn national symbols and learn about our revolutionary past including the prominent figures who developed our country. My students will look closely at the life of the pioneer and the challenges faced by families as our country grew. They will also study our local and national government with activities and field trips. In geography students we will learn about the landforms prevalent in the area and their impact on migration across the nation.


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